Fan filter / Fresh air unit 

"Life live well start with breathing well"

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  • Improves air quality and removes odors

  • Creates a healthier home environment

  • 3 stages high efficient air filtration

Your space

cleaner with CLEAN AIR PLUS

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A positive pressure room

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Indoor air influences health

Exposure to indoor pollutants, like microscopic dust particles, mold,carbon dioxide, VOCs, and formaldehyde, can trigger asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases.

  1. Indoor air pollutants are ranked as one of the top 5 biggest environmental risks to public health,

  2. Most homes generate around 40 pounds of dust every year for every 1500 square feet of space. Dust that remains trapped inside.

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Fresh air unit is a SOLUTION

We bring cleanroom technology to benefit general consumer. Flomax Fresh Air Unit: Clean air plus, is a solution, designed to improve the health of a building & the health of it’s people by creating safe & energy-efficient healthier home environment.

Why you need Clean air plus?

Flomax clean air plus is stand-alone units with integrated fan, control unit and 3 stage filters: Pre filter, Fine filter and Carbon filter.

With the right filters, your whole-house fan can give you better interior air quality without bringing outdoor pollutants. - We are filter expertise.


They supply purified air from outdoor to indoor by removing harmful airborne particles and odor from recirculating air. Clean air plus helps increase oxygen and create a positive room pressure that reduces the contamination risk. The pressure inside the house pushes contaminated air through door gap and help remove CO2 

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3 stages filters
Pre Filter, Fine or HEPA filter & Carbon filter

  • Better Air quality

  • Remove Odor

  • Circulate air and Reduce heat

  • Eliminate Bacteria, mold & Virus

  • More Oxygen, Reduce Carbon Dioxide

  • Easy installation: both wall and window type and change filters

How it works

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House without Fresh air unit


House with air purifier


House with Clean air plus

create positive pressure pushes unhealthy air out.

3 stages filtration

Large filters with high filtration area, low pressure drop & long lasting​

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ISO 16890:2016

Filter performance tested in USA and Germany.

Report avalibable on request.

Minimal and & Functional design

Cleaner and healthier in minutes.

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House, office

Room 35-45 Sqm.

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Health Care, Medical Center, Industrial

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House, Office, Hospital,Industrial

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Hospital, Industrial

Site Installation