World class manufacturing & Green factories

Samutprakarn plant :

Factory area : 60,000 sqm

Capacity : 20 million filters per year

Products : Oil filters, Air filters, Cabin air filters, Fuel filters,Hydraulic filters, Industrial filters, Inkjet filters and others.

Rayong plant :

Factory area : 64,000 sqm

Capacity: 10 million filters per year

Products : Oil filters, EDM filters, Industrial filters (V-Bank filters, Rigid pocket filters, Panel filters, Cartridge filter and HEPA filters) and others.

TSA Rubber plant : 

Factory area : 12,000 sqm

Products: All kinds of industrial rubber press, Automotive rubber parts, Anti vibration, Machinery rubber parts, Oil seals, Construction rubber parts, Technical rubber parts, Mold injection process and others.

800 +


60 +

Year in industry

10,000 +

Filters Manufacture Daily

Our Manufacturing Excellence

TYK Filters is  a global manufacturer of Automotive filters,  Industrial air, Gas Turbine filters and Respirator Mask.


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