Air Filters: Industrial & Gas Turbine

We use Plastic Injection Molding Technology

Filters ranging from G3 through F9 as well as HEPA and ULPA grade filters.

Pre filter reverse filer coaleser filter aluminium fram filter g4 g3 filter class gas turbine HAVAC Cleanroom hospital powderpaint booth
rigid pocket filer, gas turbine HAVAC Cleanroom hospital powderpaint booth
no.1 pocket filer
v bank filter, gas turbine HAVAC Cleanroom hospital powderpaint booth
Canister filter gas turbine HAVAC Cleanroom hospital powderpaint booth

Panel Filter

Pre  filter, Reverse filter,

Mini pleat filter

- High Efficiency, Longer life time -

V-Bank Filter

V Shape filter

12" & 17"

- High filtration area-

Rigid Pocket Filter

Self supporting pocket filter

Reverse pocket filter


- Low pressure drop, Best quality -

Custom dimensions and/or specifications are available on request.


Certified Quality

Our Industrial filter has always adhered to the highest manufacturing and operational standards, as evidenced by our long standing ISO certification and UL 900 Standard.


Fully recyclable & Incinerable 

We are proud to be an environmentally conscious manufacturer. Our frames are made from Polypropylene (PP)  which is a 100% recyclable and incinerable plastic. Manufacture and usage of our filters promotes an eco-friendly industry by reducing plastic waste and increasing the rate of recycled materials in the market, and saving on the cost of disposal. 

Test report 

ASHRAE 52.2, ISO 16890 and EN779 are avaliable.

NAFA National Air Filtration Association
rigid pockwt filters

The best

Rigid  Pocket Filter

Rigid pocket Filter
  • Low pressure drop 

  • Plastic injection technology polypropylene without glue.

  • Ultrasonically welded stitching ensuring highly effective filtration with high burst strength

Our Manufacturing Excellence