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Our Mission

To deploy filtration technology for practical uses that benefit human life.





Business…is an investment in people and trust.

It builds pride for the brand and consumer.

No parts are too small in order to build brand integrity and recognition.

Nothing is too small to drive the business forward.

That is why…we see the importance of every parts, even the one that other could not see.


For us…filters mean more than just parts that helps machinery and engine to run at their best performance.

It plays an important role in businesses and help us living a better life.


For more than 6 decades in business, we stood side by side, making sure to answer to all your questions and meet your every need.

Our experts are always here, developing their latest in technologies.

We are more than ready to evolve with your business.

TYK Filter is more than just a manufacture.

We are your partner in business.

We strive to be the better in worldwide Filtration Business.

We assist your business by finding the best solution, and better value product.

Our precise manufacturing is running under a Clean Engineering Concept.

We believe that our business can grow sustainably while helping clean the environment.


For your business…no matter how small is the part that you are looking for,

It always means the most important part for us.


TYK... Filter are us. 

Our Believe

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