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In high quality filters and development of  innovative new products that benefit business and consumers.


Utilize filtration technology for practical use, clean environment and better living. 



Integrated filtration solution, connecting people and business to a to healthier environment.

Our Story

To purifying the world, so as to protect and ensure the continuity of businesses and lives that exist within it

TYK Filter Industries, also known as THAI YANG KITPAISAN CO., LTD., was founded in 1955 and its core business involved in the manufacturing of technical rubber parts for the automotive replacement market. Since then, TYK Filter Industries diversified into a group of companies that manufacture a wide range of filter products for the automotive, industrial and health market. Our filter products are recognized for their high quality performance and reliability, under well known brand names which  include: TYK Filters, Flomax, BC, Miyamoto, Pecco, Cabin Star, Tora and others. The company’s successful growth is based by several fundamental principles that characterise the entire TYK network:  

  • The quality of products

  • A philosophy of continuous improvement

  • A reliable production system

Our Networks

  • Thailand/ Bangkok:   Headquarter with 3 factories.

  • Germany/State:         Sale and Warehouse

  • USA/ Atlanta:             Sale and Warehouse

  • China/Guangzhou.    Sale and Warehouse

TYK Filter, thaiyangkitpaisan

TYK Headquater

World Map.png

TYK Networks

Over 60 years of experience we design, engineer and manufacture filters to meet the highest industry standards. Our worldwide range of customers get best possible service, and we offer reliability from the first contact up to the final shipped product. Enviromental friendly manufacturing process is our concern. TYK’s experienced workers receive best  training, high compensations, and social benefits. We are committed to a better community standard. 

We are dedicated to Clean Air Engineering.

Filters are us.

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