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flomax mask people wearing

The most comfortable

breathing mask.

FFP1 & KN 95 certified




Filtration efficiency

at 0.3 microns

Bacteria filtration

efficiency (BFE) 

Viral filtration

efficiency (VFE)

Air purfy rsiator mask
Now available in Disposable particulate respirator filters and Surgical mask
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FFP1& KN95 Certified

& Designed to be compliant with multiple international standards.

(N95, P2 AS:NZ, European FFP2 & UKCA/UKNI are pending). 

FLOMAX is the first ever pleated filter respirator mask. Our exclusive design has a form and flexibility that contours with the natural shape of the wearer‘s face. 


FLOMAX is disposamasks provide reliable respiratory protection at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles includes PM2.5 (fine particles), allergens, exhaust, smoke, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC), odors, bacteria, and viruses with very comfortable breathability. 


The Design: Easy Breath

The unique design of the pleated filter mask developed from air filter technology with high-grade materials provides:

flomax mask n95 repirator layer
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Icon mask 3-01.png
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Icon mask 1-01.png

Comfortable fit:

Molded nose bridge well fits a variety of face shapes and sizes.

Soft material:

Flexibility form that contours with the natural shape and snug fit to ensure minimizing leaks.

Non-allergenic, latex-free design.

Adjustable ear strap:

Stay safe in comfort; help mask fit better.

Longer wear times:

Comfortable softness ear straps and high resilience, won’t make the ears feel much pressures.

High performace filter media:

- Larger filtration area with low resistance - breathe easier and more comfortable.

- 3 layers filter - our unique manufacturing process allows more air to pass through, while maintaining highly effective filtration of particles.

flomax mask design
flomax mask
flomax mask
flomax mask

Flomax Filter Mask has achieved superior comfort, protection, and functionality through an exhaustive R&D process. 


After undergoing dozens of redesigns with thorough testing, prototyping, and validations we have successfully  brought to market the world's best respiratory mask.


Size L 1 ver_EN-SP.png
Size K 1 ver_TH.png

Certification: product & factory

Highest manufacturing, quality control and operational standards, as evidenced by our long standing ISO certification.


Nelson Lab test

KN95 test report_RL29145_Page_1.jpg

KN 95 (GB2626)

ISO13485 2016.jpg

ISO 13485

TSI 3130.jpg

TSI automated filter testers, the world's most-used filter tester used in quality control.

Flomax N95 respirator mask kid

Air Purifying respirator mask for KIDS

  • Model: RS 29325K

  • Disposable Respirators 

  • Natural Rubber Latex: No

  • Protection Level‎: FFP1 & KN 95

  • Respirator Style‎: Pleated filter mask

  • Standards/Approvals‎: CE Approved

  • Typical Application‎: Everyday use

  • Valved‎: No

  • Packing‎: Individual Packaging

  • Size: one size

Flomax N95 respirator mask
Packshot mask EU Size M_.png

Air Purifying respirator Size: S M L

  • Model:

    • Size S:   RS 29432 

    • Size M:  RM 29145 

    • Size L:   RL 29145

  • Disposable Respirators 

  • Low resistance

  • Natural Rubber Latex: No

  • Protection Level‎: FFP2 & KN 95

  • Blood penetration (splash resistance): 160 mmHg

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: >99.99%*

  • Viral filtration efficiency: >99.99%*

  • Respirator Style‎: Pleated filter mask

  • Standards/Approvals‎: CE Approved

  • Typical Application‎: Everyday use, Industrial and Health care

  • Valved‎: No

  • Packing‎: Individual Packaging

Flomax N95 respirator mask_doctor

3D & flat fold particulate respirator 

  • Model:​

    • Adult: FMM94

    • Kid: FMM94KID 

  • Color: White & Black

  • Soft 4 layers Disposable Respirators 

  • Low resistance

  • Natural Rubber Latex: No

    Protection Level‎: FFP2 & KN 95

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: >99.99%*

  • Valved‎: No

  • Typical Application‎: Everyday use and industrial

  • Packing‎: 10 pcs/pack and 30 pcs/box 

3 MASK KF94-01-01.png
3 MASK KF94-01-01.png
Flomax N95 respirator mask_everyday use
Flomax N95 respirator mask_industrial
Flomax N95 respirator mask industrial

*Tested according to ASTM 2100 at Nelson Laboratory, U.S.A

DSC0178Flomax N95 respirator mask nurse
3D Mask

Mask size and Measurement guide:

Your weight may be a general indication of the appropriate mask size: for more accuracy, you can measure from bridge of your nose to chin, and from cheekbone to cheekbone.


Flomax Mask
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